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Alcohol Rehab Centres Melbourne

If you are looking for an alcohol rehab centre in Melbourne there are a few options available. The main question is do you want a residential or non-residential centre?

Also what is your budget available? A couple of centres you can try include the Raymond Hader Clinic which offers both residential rehabilitation and outpatient services. Or the Eastern Drug and Alcohol Service (EDAS) which offers counselling, professional development, family projects in Eastern Melbourne.

You can find details of these centres and also other residential and non-residential centres at the Australian Drug Information Network website

However, instead of going to a rehab centre, you can also consider dealing with your alcohol problems from the privacy of your home and therefore being able to avoid a residential stay and the corresponding cost. The best option for this kind of treatment is with the full and comprehensive course on dealing with alcohol problems available online at This course will offer you a full understanding of what you can do to help yourself using proven and successful strategies for overcoming alcohol problems.

There are a number of effective tools and techniques to help you finally accept the impact that too much alcohol is having on you - and then, for making major changes.

Many people across Melbourne and Australia have successfully used this course to either stop drinking forever or to moderate their drinking.

The main 145 page E-Book was written in conjunction with 5 experts who have treated people with alcohol issues using their various therapies. We have also developed a 30 Day E-mail Course to help you start and continue with your changes. You will receive an e-mail each day to help you make the changes you need to. The best thing is that the course is available via instant download, so that you can get started immediately

There are many more sections of the course you can find at You can learn so much when you take control over your life. There is nothing like feeling great, having a crystal clear head the next day and enjoying yourself when with your friends, without having to drink to excess. You can learn to moderate and drink in moderation to drink socially.

So please click on the link provided in order to deal with your alcohol addiction and enjoy life in Melbourne without the need to be dependent upon alcohol again.